New website to go live later this summer

As the early July launch gets ever closer, there are more details that we would like to share with you about what you can expect from the new web platform. We have also included a release overview with a time line that shows the different phases and what features will be released in each one.

Here’s everything you need to know about what the new website will mean for you.

New design and improved ticketing purchasing experience based on fan feedback

We’ve been consulting with fans since the start of the year to understand how we can improve the ticketing journey for fans. The end result is an innovative new front end to the ticketing system that we believe will be simpler to follow and much more user friendly.

New improved ticketing features

Some of the new improved features to be delivered by the end of the year include a personalised ticketing dashboard, improved information on Ticket Access Points (TAPs), easier to use Friends and Family functionality, and more features for managing your basket.

Phased rollout

We will start to roll out these new features in a phased approach from early July. This means we can fully test all aspects of the new system and get fan feedback every step of the way rather than going with a big bang, high risk approach. Our current ticketing system will continue to operate at all times behind the scenes and you will simply be diverted to that for elements that are not yet live for you on the new front end of the ticketing system.

The phased release will mean that in some instances you may see something slightly different to other fans – please don’t be concerned if that’s the case. The number of fans accessing the new features will increase as the rollout progresses and as each mini-rollout is proven to be successful. We will monitor the success by both reviewing the analytics behind the scenes and by gathering feedback directly from fans. This approach will minimise any disruption to your ticket buying experience.

New content and games

In addition to the improved ticketing journey, there will be some exciting new content features launching in July providing access to the latest news and videos, improved stats-based player profiles, voting in polls and new quizzes. As of early August, you will be also able to compete against fellow fans in a season-long predictor game.

Single sign-on

A “single sign-on” solution will mean you will only have to log in once for ticketing, video, Bees Superstore, the predictor and the Brentford FC App. In order to register for this and take full advantage of everything the new website has to offer, all fans will be required to reset their current ticketing account password. More details on this will follow before the end of June.

A new blog for you to contribute to

We’re documenting the development process and rollout on this blog. You’ll be able to see the latest project updates, participate in a Q and A with Stadion’s founder and vote on the designs or functionality you’d like to see implemented on the website.

This website has been shaped by your feedback. You’ve been part of focus groups and will also be part of testing groups. You’ve responded to web surveys and submitted enquiries regarding issues you’ve had with the current ticketing experience. All of this has been extremely valuable to help us build a website that both you and the Club deserve. We thank you for your input to date and for your ongoing support.

Release overview:

Phase One (July):

  • My Tickets dashboard
  • Intuitive purchase journey
  • Clear ticket eligibility for you and your Friends and Family
  • Greater TAPs visibility
  • Improved player profiles
  • Single sign-on
  • Polls and quizzes

Phase Two (August):

  • Edit basket functionality
  • Removal of payment and ‘in progress’ order issues
  • Season-long predictor with leader board and prizes
  • Team selector

To follow in later releases:

  • Ticket upgrades
  • Improved Friends and Family management
  • Integration with the Ticket Exchange
  • Retail integration

We would like to invite you or anyone else you know who would like to be involved in the process or receive regular updates on the project to get in touch on this blog via the contact us tab.


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